Doing a PhD can make you ill.  Recent studies have demonstrated that PhD students are more susceptible to depression and anxiety and 33% have experienced sucidal thoughts.  Many doctoral researchers find themselves feeling exhausted; battling with their internal critics and paralysed from taking any steps forward.  



But it doesn't have to be that way…



It is possible to successfully complete a PhD AND look after your own wellbeing.  You can be productive without having to compromise your boundaries and you can develop confidence in your own abilities and silence (or at least turn the volume down on) your inner critics.




6 weeks that could change your journey



The PhD De-tox can help you turn things around from feeling overwhelmed to being in the driving seat of your doctoral study.  

You will find ways to trust yourself instead of worrying and second-guessing. 



This course has been created by Dr Emma Brodzinski a PhD supervisor and examiner, registered therapist and host of The PhD Life Raft podcast to provide specialist support for PhD students.



Each week will focus on a different element of the 'de-toxing' process. and will cover issues such as imposter syndrome and procrastination.



You will be guided, week-by-week, through self-paced lessons combined with a live group call.  All the calls will be recorded so if you can’t make them live you will still have full access to all the material.



In addition, you will also have access to the community hub where you can connect with other PhD students who are facing the same challenges.



Bonus - when you sign up for the programme you will receive a free 34 page planner to help you audit and set priorites.



Don’t miss this opportunity to find a more postive and peaceful path through the PhD. 




Week One - Orientation: What's holding you back?

Week Two - Decluttering: Making space for yourself physically and psychologically

Week Three - Purging negative self talk

Week Four - Creating productive habits (and binning the bad ones)

Week Five - Dealing with toxic relationships

Week Six - Planning for success

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'De-tox Your PhD' offers a unique opportunity to make positive changes to your PhD journey 


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Here are a few answers to our most common questions

When does the course start?

How much does the programme cost?

What if I am not in the UK timezone?

I am just about to finish my PhD would the course suit me ?

The final months of the PhD can be some of the most anxiety provoking and 'De-tox Your PhD' will help you to finish strong and identify any blocks to completion.

I haven't started my PhD yet would the course be useful to me?

Is there a money-back guarantee?

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How is the course organised?

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